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NMH: Milestones

My third blogiversary came and went on Jan 18th.

This post is post 1500. Not bad for four year's worth of work. While I'm not huge into analysis, I'm pretty confident I've avoided padding this blog with a lot of personal fluff, status updates, and echo chambering. Despite that (and no comments), I'm still pretty high up on ego searches for my name and media hack.

And finally I completed my first full month with my new employer, Lockheed Martin Corporation (cf Sayonara, Evanston). I work in a small, Arlington, VA based divison of Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Labs. The gig involves much less basic science than a faculty position, a much bigger business development focus, and more time to concentrate on hacking up proof of concept technologies. And of course a tilt towards the military and intelligence communities. I'm having a lot of fun!!

Northwestern's been kind enough to provide me a courtesy adjunct appointment, which will expire in August, so you may see some winding down of this blog, and a slow migration to personal hosting, probably with a reduced technical focus. Then again I've said that before and not followed through. We'll see.


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