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NMH: Many Eyes Thoughts

Obviously I have a great deal of admiration for Many Eyes, both the project and the folks behind it, many of whom I've met. Herewith, some minor suggestions and thoughts:

  • Echoing my same complaint about swivel, data without task is a hard sell job. Maybe they need a curator who authors interesting data exploration contests.

  • Having a viz distribution mechanism, ala YouTube video players, would be a major feature upgrade.
  • While discussion near a viz is great, a groundbreaking capability would be an elegant naming mechanism so you could point people to particular points in a visualization. A radical road to follow would take each viz as it's own little REST space, read only, from which URLs could be passed around. Other than the snapshot capability, there's really no good way to say, "Look at the viz here!".
  • Betcha there's prefuse inside.
Just thinking out loud.

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